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Saxophone Songs To Get Everyone On The Dance Floor At Your Wedding

Alternative Saxophone Weddings Songs

You’ve had your first dance and it all went well - Great work! You chose a first dance that meant something to you as a couple and that was lovely or funny or heartwarming to watch for your guests.


Some people choose a track that has a 30 second section at the beginning to have as their own before drawing in their close family or bridal party to join in, gradually drawing the more recalcitrant dancers from lurking in the corners… if the free wine at the tables hasn’t got them there already!


But what if that wasn’t enough? People make a party but sometimes those people can afford to have a little help and encouragement. That’s where having a saxophone player can be really useful to add as a focal point, drawing people onto the dance floor, the sumptuous cheese to the drunken dance mice.


But what saxophone songs, you ask, would suit such an endeavour? Well, there are many but my most requested are as follows:


Jubel by Klingande

These days this is ubiquitous with the Ibiza Sax party feel - your guests will be transported straight to the feel good tunes of the famous island. A lot of people call this song ‘Save Me’ when they ask me or the DJ for it! 


Freed From Desire by Gala

A 90s dance tune that doesn’t actually have a saxophone in it but that work really well for walking people into their wedding breakfast or getting their guests onto the dance floor. It has great energy and everyone loves to sing along to it! Add a saxophone player to that mix and you have a party!


Show Me Love by Robin S

Another 90s classic, guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor! The vibe of this really fits well with having a saxophone player and can really add that extra layer of interest!


Pump It Up by Endor

The original is really long but it does get everyone excited and in the mood to party! That mood plus sax can only lead to a fantastic party!


Head and Heart by Joel Corry X MNEK

A more modern song for the Ibiza sax genre, this is a really fun song that works really well after the first dances!


Nick Pike Saxophone

A talented and versatile saxophonist, Nick plays iconic pop, funk and soul songs reworked with his unique touch. Nick Pike Saxophone is available throughout London, Essex, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent and Berkshire. Book now >


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