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Other Uses For A Saxophone Player In (And Out!) Of London

Other Uses For A Saxophone Player In (And Out!) Of London

When looking into saxophone hire you automatically assume they all do weddings but not so. Whilst I’m primarily a Wedding Saxophone Player in London and the surrounding areas I do often do a variety of other types of gigs which lend themselves well to using a saxophone. These can vary hugely from garden parties and hen dos to store openings, local festivals, organised runs and marathons as well as Christmas events. I’ve also done plenty of bars, jazz brunches and corporate and Charity festive events.


As a Saxophonist in London I often find myself at these sorts of events which make for a very varied but interesting working life! A favourite of mine in June this year was when I opened the new Marks and Spencers Food hall in Ladymead, Guildford. I’ve never seen a brand new store before when every shelf is perfect and there is absolutely no wear and tear anywhere… it is a thing of utter beauty. If you’re someone who loves order and perfectly presented vegetables then I recommend going to one of these store openings - I even took a picture of the M&S bakery as it was so aesthetically pleasing!


I was lucky enough to be the saxophone player for this event and got to dance with Percy Pig on a beautiful June morning - a career highlight if ever there was one! In contrast, I had a wonderful Charity Christmas event near Chichester in December playing for a Charity supporting a school in Sierra Leone. This event was definitely less warm but I nonetheless ended up dancing around dressed as an elf… just another day at the office! This was a couple of days after I had done the BMW Radhub Christmas event where I was in my sparkly finery strutting around a central London ballroom.


A Saxophone Player at an event works really well as a focal point for all of your guests or potential clients to gather towards and to generate interest and discussion.

In many ways, the use of a sax player at a corporate event or party is no different to how they are used at weddings - you want your guests to be focussed on the music until they’re relaxed and loose enough to dance and chat freely. They’re an excellent ice breaker!


It’s also worth mentioning that a saxophone player is excellent bang for your buck as you are essentially hiring a band without having to pay 4-10 people. Your event will still have the wow factor, the bespoke arrangements and carefully curated playlists but without the price tag and having to feed extra people. A single saxophone player at an event is often more versatile and will find it easier to fulfil clients tune requirements than a group of musicians.


Nick Pike Saxophone

A talented and versatile saxophonist, Nick plays iconic pop, funk and soul songs reworked with his unique touch. Nick Pike Saxophone is available throughout London, Essex, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent and Berkshire. Book now >


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