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Introducing…. Nick Pike Saxophone

Saxophonist player london

Nick Pike is a London Saxophonist, Pianist and Composer based in South East London. He performs and teaches locally in the Peckham, Dulwich and Forest Hill area as well as travelling further afield into Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent etc.

As a professional musician, performing is only part of how Nick spends his days. The most obvious one (the reason you’d likely be reading this) is performing at weddings up and down the country and sometimes internationally! He plays solo saxophone sets with backing tracks and these can vary from Jazz to Funk, Classic Pop to Soul, Rock’n’Roll to Disco. Nick also plays saxophone in a variety of function bands as well as running his own 8 piece pop funk band LATIMO.

When he is not gigging (generally in the early parts of the week and those grim bits of winter) Nick teaches jazz piano, sax and composition to a variety of age groups, from quite young to quite mature. Performing and teaching feed into each other really well as jobs with performance allowing Nick to work on aspects of playing that are actually useful in a real life performance context rather than a theoretical requirement of an exam board. This generally makes his lessons more engaging and enjoyable than most.

Nick also composes extensively having had multiple albums released and played all over the world. He has written and recorded many Library albums for use in Tv and media with genres including Christmas Funk, Jazz, Funky Grooves, Soul, Secret Agent Tunes and 60s Big Band! These are a lot of fun to do and get used in the weirdest ways all over the world!

Nick has also played extensively with the folk’n’roll band Joyshop, releasing three albums and one album with his own band LATIMO. Nick has recently released his debut Neoclassical solo albums entitled Norastoria, Evergreen and No Excuse, a collaboration with solo session singer Lorena Dale.


Nick Pike Saxophone

A talented and versatile saxophonist, Nick plays iconic pop, funk and soul songs reworked with his unique touch. Nick Pike Saxophone is available throughout London, Essex, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent and Berkshire. Book now >


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