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When Should A Saxophonist Play At A Wedding?

Saxophone player london

Having a saxophonist at your wedding can definitely provide something a little different, an extra touch of class or some raunchy fire, a little glamour or a lot of swagger. Regardless, a wedding saxophonist will lend your wedding a unique touch.


Whilst it is common for most people to have seen a wedding band, saxophone players are a great-looking alternative who both sound fantastic and clock in at a fraction of the price of a full band set up, especially in and around the London area!


Aside from sounding good, it’s also worth having a saxophonist during canapés to act as a focal point for people to discuss as they get warmed up socially as well as keeping all your guests in the same place. The saxophonist’s finishing will then signify that the canapés are over, and the guests must go to the speeches and dinner stage of the wedding reception. During Nick Pike Sax shows, it’s not unheard of for me to lead the guests into the next room. Moving guests can be like herding cats (especially when there are loads of them) but a saxophonist can act like a pied piper if you wish it - conga lines can be the most effective!


Wedding saxophonists can be used throughout the day, with different players specialising in different genres that will suit those times. The standard time to use the saxophone is during the canapés in the afternoon as a background for your guests to underscore the event and provide a classy focal point. The saxophone is also useful to play couples down the aisle but it would be worth discussing the choice of tune and size of the room - saxophone might not suit the vibe that you are going for! Rest assured though that your chosen player will be able to advise you as to what will work or not.


Some people keep their saxophone player playing through the wedding breakfast but the guests are normally warmed up by that point so it isn’t really necessary. The saxophone can be used for the first dance and playing with the DJ or providing their own DJ. There are many different set ups and plenty of saxophone players have a sax and DJ option where they club/house/Ibiza-style tunes or just improvise over pop tracks. This can be great and a cool gimmick, so it is definitely worth considering.


Nick Pike Sax can provide different sets tailored towards all of these different timings so please get in contact to see how we can make your special day that little bit more unique!


Nick Pike Saxophone

A talented and versatile saxophonist, Nick plays iconic pop, funk and soul songs reworked with his unique touch. Nick Pike Saxophone is available throughout London, Essex, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent and Berkshire. Book now >

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