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Wedding Entry with Saxophone!

Playing Saxophone at Weddings

Imagine a lovechild between the pied piper and Kenny G - that’s what your wedding, party or event might be in need of! This might sound mental but bear with me, your saxophonist doesn’t just have to be used for playing some background music but can also be used to punctuate parts of the day/evening. Saxophonists offer a focal point in more ways than one and below are some excellent, somewhat alternative, uses for your saxophone player!


Sax Transport

Moving guests can be like herding cats. You may or may not have an emcee at your wedding or event but a saxophone player; loud, shiny and likely attached to a microphone can help announce where you want your guests and lead them to it. The most wonderful use of a saxophone player that I have ever experienced was as the front of a conga line, taking the crowd from the end of the band set, down into the underground club of the venue. Using a saxophone as a pied piper of fun can work really well and be very novel!

Imagine a lovechild between the pied piper and Kenny G - that’s what your wedding, party or event might be in need of!

Down The Aisle

Playing you up or down the aisle. The saxophone is a very versatile instrument and can do beautiful ballad playing to classical to hip hop. Most saxophonists will try to help make your walk down the aisle special so it is worth speaking to them about it.


At Dinner

Similarly, having your saxophone player play you into dinner when you are first presented as husband and wife. I’ve done a few of these lately and big sing-a-long anthems work really well!


With The DJ / Dancers

Saxophone playing with the DJ or with dancers works really well too. I’ve played with plenty of mirror ball dancers in the past and it is quite a novel sight!


Roaming Sax

Having your sax player roam. This depends on what you want from your saxophone player, as they will likely have to play more improvisatory, soloist material.


Sax Intro

This may seem obvious but having a sax player playing early on during the reception and then joining the band later as part of a horn section is a great way of saving money. I have often been booked as a soloist and then ended up bringing the band for the post-dinner dancing!


Have a chat to your saxophonist or get in contact with Nick Pike Sax to discuss how a saxophone could elevate your wedding event or party!


Nick Pike Saxophone

A talented and versatile saxophonist, Nick plays iconic pop, funk and soul songs reworked with his unique touch. Nick Pike Saxophone is available throughout London, Essex, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent and Berkshire. Book now >

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