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How Much Does A Saxophonist Cost At A Wedding?

Saxophone player london

The Saxophone is a great choice of instrument for a wedding party as it can be played acoustically indoors or outdoors, suiting any kind of venue, in any season. Fiery versions of beloved classics and expressive renditions of love songs old and new await to make your wedding day unforgettable. When you hire a wedding sax player you're looking to pay for a top performance from a reliable artist who knows exactly what it takes to work a crowd and make your special day memorable. Nothing beats hearing a versatile saxophonist who can soar between a whole range of moods, from causing your guests to tear up one minute and drop some dirty dance floor moves the next… and looking good whilst doing it!


With unmatched versatility, the saxophone is perfectly suited to any genre in a wedding or party situation - whether you love Ibiza dance, rock, funk, soul, swing or blues, the sax will fit your style.

Booking a wedding saxophone player means that you can enjoy the intimacy of a solo performer over high-quality backing tracks giving the feeling of a band but at a fraction of the price. Lasting memories, unrivalled glamour, and the romance of a musician performing just for you, not to mention that a solo wedding saxophone player might find it easier to learn your requests than a full band, giving you even more versatility in making your wedding or party even more special to you and your guests.


Wedding Saxophone Player London

But how much will this quality performance set you back? Like anything with weddings, there are a number of pricing options for wedding saxophonists that fit budgets both big and small. The prices will generally range from £150 to £800 but this drastic difference will depend on where the saxophonist is having to travel to and from (a London Saxophone player, for example, is likely to cost more than one in a less densely populated area of the country) as well as how long that they are playing for and what level of experience they are. Some saxophonists will have different show options (a jazz saxophone show or an Ibiza saxophone show) that might have different costs depending on how complex they are. It’s definitely worth getting in contact with your perfect saxophonist and asking. See our prices page for what Nick Pike Sax will cost for your special day!


It’s worth bearing in mind that contacting large agencies such as Encore, Entertainment Nation, Last Minute Musicians or Poptop will generate extra platform fees (often 20%) and so will be significantly more expensive than contacting the saxophonist directly.


The average cost of a London Saxophonist in the UK is about £410. This will, of course, vary from saxophone player to saxophone player depending on a variety of factors that will affect their price.


Nick Pike Saxophone

A talented and versatile saxophonist, Nick plays iconic pop, funk and soul songs reworked with his unique touch. Nick Pike Saxophone is available throughout London, Essex, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent and Berkshire. Book now >


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